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We believe that God is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, and that in love He gave us His Son Jesus Christ to be an atonement for the sins of humanity. In this regard, Theology as a discipline of study is aimed at showing God’s actions with humanity in history, in the past, present, and its decisive importance to the future of mankind. Our role is committed to the development of the individual spiritually, mentally, physically, socially, as well as to excellence in theological and religious thinking.

The Department seeks to equip men and women for faithful and effective service to the Creator God, the family, community, and Church through application of the principles of a sound Bible-based Christianity.

The Mission of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at this University College is to provide quality preparation for pastors, teachers, evangelists, administrators and other related professional careers for service in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Society at large as commissioned by the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division of the Seventh-day Adventists. It strives to educate, develop, and prepare people holistically, through instruction and fellowship to serve God, and instill a lifelong personal quest for research and study in Biblical, Theological and Religious fields.


There are basically two degree programmes being offered by the Department of Theology and Religious Studies.
Bachelor of Arts in Theology
Bachelor of Arts in Religion

International applicants who need application forms should contact the The Registrar, Malawi Adventist University, P.O. Box 148, Ntcheu, Malawi

The aims and objectives of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies are stated broadly below:
1. To provide theological knowledge that is both culturally and contextually grounded in the Christian African reality.
2. To provide adequate content in all courses, covering biblical, historical, linguistic, professional and theological fields in order to enhance the student’s effectiveness as a servant in the chosen field.
3. To equip students with practical skills through practicums, evangelistic and outreach activities.
4. To expose students to the study of Scripture through commonly accepted exegetical methods, with emphasis on interpreting the text within the context of history, archaeology and biblical languages.
5. To prepare students to be able to teach Christian Religious Education in Secondary Schools and Teachers’ Colleges.
6. To promote engagement and participation in religious activities that are intended to deepen the spiritual life.
7. To foster a stimulating academic and professional environment that provides for the development of the critical but responsible appraisal and examination of different belief systems and world views.
8. To foster a cosmopolitan atmosphere and outlook in life that envisions productive mutuality and promotes relationships within a community of human beings who are different in gender, and also culturally, ethnically, nationally, racially and religiously so that students and faculty grow in understanding and appreciating human dignity and diversity.
9. To prepare students for post-graduate studies and advanced research.

Dr. Ronald Kanjira Head of Theology Department PhD, MSc, MDiv, BA (Theology)
Frank Chirwa Lecturer PhD, MA, BA (Theology)
Johnson Nyirenda Lecturer(on study leave) MTh, MA, BA (Theology)
Luke Limbithu Lecturer MA (Biblical Languages),BA (Theology)
Tonnie Katsekera Lecturer DMin,MA,BA
Sanned Lubani Lecturer MTh (New Testament),BA (Theology)

Adjunct Lecturers:

Earnest Khonje, DMin, MA, BA (Theology)
Joe E. Gumbala, MA, BA (Theology), DMin (in progress)
Baxter D. Chilunga, DMin, MA, BA (Theology)
Hopekings K. Ngomba, MA, BA (Theology)
Moffat Botolo, BA, MA (Leadership), DMin (in progress)
Dennis Katekenya,MA, BA (Theology)
Dr. Ronald Kanjira, PhD, MSc, MDiv, BA (Theology)

Dr. Ronald Kanjira, Holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Spiritual Warfare and Divine Healing from Biblical Life College and Seminary in USA; a Master of Science in Administration and a Master of Divinity both from Andrews University, USA; and also a Bachelor of Arts Theology from Andrews University. Dr. Kanjira joined the Malawi Adventist University in 2011 as a full time Lecturer and thereafter he was appointed to work as the Acting Vice Chancellor, which he did up to 2013. Now he is working in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies as the Head of Department.