Integrating Faith and Learning Seminar: A Transformative Experience at Lakeview and Malamulo Campus

Lakeview and Malamulo Campus recently had the privilege of hosting a groundbreaking seminar on integrating faith and learning, led by the renowned experts, Dr. Jerrell Gilkeson and Eve Gilkeson. This seminar offered a unique opportunity for faculty and staff to explore the intersection of their academic pursuits and their faith, fostering a holistic approach to education. With thought-provoking discussions, practical insights, and inspirational messages. Dr. Jerrell widely recognized for his expertise in the field of integrating faith and learning. Drawing from his extensive experience in academia, ministry, and personal faith journeys, brought a wealth of knowledge and passion to the seminar. His shared commitment to the transformative power of education and the integration of faith resonated deeply with the attendees.

The seminar emphasized that faith should not be seen as a separate entity from academic pursuits but rather as a foundation upon which all learning is built. Dr. Gilkeson and Eve Gilkeson emphasized the importance of recognizing God's presence and purpose in every subject area, encouraging participants to seek wisdom, truth, and moral guidance in their studies.

Dr. Jerrell and Eve Gilkeson with Dean of Academics from Lakeview campus Isaac Magaleta (middle)

Dr. Jerrell and Eve Gilkeson stressed the practical implications of integrating faith and learning. They shared real-life examples of how faith can be applied to address societal challenges, make ethical decisions, and promote justice and compassion in professional and personal contexts. The seminar sparked discussions on how participants could practically incorporate their faith into their academic and professional endeavors.

The Integrating Faith and Learning Seminar led by Dr. Jerrell and Eve Gilkeson at Lakeview and Malamulo Campus was an exceptional event that inspired and challenged participants to integrate their faith with their academic pursuits. The seminar encouraged individuals to view education as a transformative journey, where faith becomes an essential lens through which to engage with knowledge and contribute positively to society. As the participants continue their educational journeys, they carry with them the valuable insights gained from this seminar, fostering a generation of leaders who are equipped to make a meaningful difference in their chosen fields while remaining grounded in their faith. The seminar will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, influencing the way education is perceived and pursued at Lakeview and Malamulo Campus for years to come.