Campus Management


The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC) plays a pivotal role in the academic leadership and administration of Malamulo College and its affiliated Lakeview Campus. As the second-in-command to the Vice Chancellor, the Deputy Vice Chancellors oversee various aspects of their campus's operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of both academic and administrative affairs.

Their responsibilities encompass strategic planning, curriculum development, faculty management, and student affairs. They actively collaborate with other administrative bodies and stakeholders to enhance the overall learning experience for students, maintain high educational standards, and foster a conducive environment for research and innovation.

Current Deputy Vice Chancellors are:

  • Florence Chipungu (DVC Malamulo College)
  • Dr Emmanuel Kazembe (DVC Malamulo College)

Additionally, the Deputy Vice Chancellors represent their respective institution in official capacities and acts as a liaison between the faculty, staff, and the senior management team. Their dedication and expertise contribute significantly to the continued growth and success of Malamulo College and Lakeview Campus as reputable centers of learning and academic excellence.