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Students carring loose papers


Malawi Adventist University (MAU) provides valuable scholarship opportunities to its students, facilitating their educational journey. Among these offerings is a dynamic work-study program, made possible through collaborative support from various organizations. This initiative not only assists students financially but also fosters practical skill development and professional growth. Through these scholarships and work-study programs, MAU remains committed to promoting accessible education and empowering its students to achieve their academic and career aspiration.


Student loans

The Higher Education Student Loans and Grands Board (HSLGB) offers crucial support to students pursuing higher education through its student loan program. This initiative serves as a lifeline for many aspiring scholars who may face financial constraints. The HSLGB provides loans to eligible students to cover tuition fees, accommodation, and other related expenses, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder access to education. With flexible repayment options and reasonable interest rates, the HSLGB aims to alleviate the burden of educational expenses and empower students to focus on their studies without worrying about financial constraints.