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mau graduation

The Vice Chancellor's Office

As Malawi Adventist University (MAU) continues to uphold its commitment to academic excellence and holistic education, the pivotal role of its leadership stands at the forefront. At the helm of this esteemed institution is Professor Sharon Pittman, a visionary leader and academic luminary, serving as the Vice-Chancellor.

Professor Pittman assumed the role with a wealth of experience and a profound dedication to fostering an environment of learning, growth, and innovation. Her illustrious career spanning decades in academia has been marked by a passion for education and a relentless pursuit of empowering students.

Since assuming her position as the Vice Chancellor of MAU, Professor Pittman has charted a transformative course for the university. Under her guidance, MAU has seen remarkable strides in academic programs, research endeavors, and community engagement initiatives. Her strategic vision emphasizes not only academic rigor but also the holistic development of students, nurturing their talents and character to become responsible global citizens.

As the Vice Chancellor of Malawi Adventist University, Professor Sharon Pittman continues to steer the institution towards greater heights, firmly establishing its position as a centre of academic excellence and a catalyst for positive societal change.